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A month or so ago I travelled down to London with Solo Che Models for a fashion shoot that Rowan and our model Jessica where both doing. This is where I met Mr Row.

The shoot was great, we had lots of fun, a nice meal after with the team and of course ... amazing photographs!
Kindly Rowan has agreed to do this interview with me to let more people know what he's all about and what he does.
So doing some research I know that Rowan is a great dancer, a fitness model, a fitness and diet instructor and a fashion killa!

Secretly Rowan really enjoys milk and cookies but due to constantly been up and moving for around 8 years now it has helped him keep a great figure, which then means clothing looks fantastic on him.
Rowan has competed in competitions where his body was judged and did very well, this was an extra push to get serious with the fitness and make it a way of life.
Many people recognise Rowan Row from the UK famous ''Dream Boys'' who are very successful and indeed great looking!

1: Can you tell me a little about yourself & your blog?

I'm currently a Fitness and Fashion lover living in the UK London.
Here to share my love, my passion and dedication with all other fitness and fashion lovers out there, get ideas about style and tips on how to maintain a lean/aesthetic physique all year round.
2: How long have you been running your blog?
I started my blog just over 2 months ago.
3: What inspired you to start up a blog?
Basically I started to get messages from most of my followers regarding fitness and fashion, for example most common question would be “loving your outfit today where did you get that jumper from?” so I though its easier to start up a blog and describe my style also where the clothes are provided from.
So yeah id say the main inspiration would be my followers and their requests.
4: Is your blog more of a hobby or a business platform?
Started as a hobby so let’s see where does it goes.
5: Where are you aiming to get in the blogging industry?
My main aim at the moment is to start collaborating with few companies to represent their products and clothing range, creating new styles for all my followers, fitness and fashion lovers out there.
6: What is your main tip for somebody who is considering
starting a blog?
Main tip is to be active and very selective with the work you put on your blog. Be yourself.
7: What would you call your style and why do you dress the way you do?
I consider myself a man of many styles. For those who are wondering why that is, its only because I don’t go for one particular style... I do like a change sometimes and a good mixture of different styles.
8: What tips can you give a model who is doing fashion photography?
Keep it simple but significant.
9: Are you into finding old clothes and making them look good with modernised clothing?
I do love a good, vintage style and the answer is yes.
10: Do you prefer High street brands or more upscale brands?
I don’t really mind. Both are good...
11: How do you take your own images that are fashion based on your blog?
This is going to be funny:
Well, basically I use a tripod that connects with a remote control that is connected to my DSLR camera.
Sometimes people walk past me and they wondering “what the hell is he doing..?” but hey! When you have passion for something nothing can stop you!
12: What do you do to stay in shape?
Well I started my journey as an athlete runner at age 10 for a total of 8 years, then I got into fitness and dancing so basically since then I never stop doing physical activities so my body is very use to it.
And of course one of the very important facts is the diet.
13: What is your number 1 tip for anybody involved in fitness and training?
Id say one of the most important thing is being well disciplined.
14: Is dancing a good way of staying fit?
Hat off to this question.
Dancing is a very good way to keep a nice and healthy physique.
15: What can you recommend to people who are trying to reach something in there life weather its through blogging, fashion or fitness?
Id say to be very dedicated in what they are trying to achieve.
To be very patient also because to reach something good in life it usually will take alot of time, motivation, discipline and dedication.
Everything is possible if you really believe in yourself.
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